Semiconductor Partners

With a typical microcontroller datasheet running to over 1000 pages, tight partnerships with semiconductor vendors is a must. iSYSTEM works closely with these partners to ensure that embedded development teams experience a frictionless journey into debugging and testing of their applications.

            Partner             Notes
ARM® The importance of ARM's technology on the world of embedded systems can be seen everywhere. From the smallest, low-power microcontroller to connectivity-laden multi-core SoCs, iSYSTEM's customer are increasingly leveraging this ubiquitous technology in all application spaces.
Cypress Semiconductor Known in the industry for the flexible PSoC® microcontrollers, Cypress is also leveraging the processing power of the Cortex®-M ecosystem. iSYSTEM also often sees the Traveo™ II family of automotive microcontrollers in vehicle body applications.
Infineon Delivering outstanding processors for safety-critical applications, Infineon's TriCore™-based AURIX™ microcontrollers find homes in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. Additionally, their Cortex®-M XMC4000 and XMC1000 products target industrial applications with real-time performance challenges, such as motor control, automation and switching power-supplies.
NXP With one of the broadest microcontroller portfolios on offer today, NXP can fulfil just about any embedded developer's technical needs. Their Cortex®-M devices in the Kinetis and LPC families cover the low to mid-range needs, whilst the i.MX Applications Processors deliver heaps of processing performance. Within the automotive sector, the Power Architecture® MPC5xxx has been a staple for functional safety applications.
Renesas The portfolio of Renesas covers just about every conceivable automotive application, from microcontrollers and SoCs, to motor control and in-vehicle networking. Well known for the RL78, RH850 and R-Car devices, they are to be found across the industry. Also leveraging the power Cortex®-M processors is their Synergy™ platform, featuring a wealth of embedded software that simplifies embedded application development.
ST Microelectronics From ultra-low power to high performance, ST has made use of strengths of each Cortex®-M processing architecture on offer. Additionally, they are well-known industry wide for their family of Power Architecture® SPC56 device in embedded automotive applications.
Xilinx When applications require huge processing performance with configurable IP, the Xilinx family of Zynq SoC is often at the top of the list. Their multi-core devices are handled through the multi-core support within winIDEA, giving developer the piece of mind they need, leaving more time to focus on the application.