iSYSTEM has implemented and maintains a management system which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard


ISO 9001:2008 standard

The certificate was issued by IQNet (International Certification Network) and the SIQ (Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology).

iSYSTEM has been certified in the field of the following activities:
Design, development, production and sales of embedded microcontroller development and test tools, managing custom projects and providing professional services related to such tools.

"Customer satisfaction, motivation of employees and continuous improvement are important milestones of a company today in order to achieve a quality oriented and tight customer-supplier relationship. Meeting the requirements of ISO is a continuous process, and putting ISO in place a significant challenge. We are very proud of our complete iSYSTEM team that made it happen," said Erol Simsek, Director Sales & Marketing of iSYSTEM AG.


Quality Policy

Activities of iSYSTEM AG are related to technologically demanding areas of the electronics industry. The majority of the renowned manufacturers of car electronic, avionic, medical, and others belong to our list of satisfied customers.

As your technological partner iSYSTEM offers expert knowledge based on more than 27 years of experience with embedded systems. We are pioneers in emulation and debug technology for 8-/16-/32-bit microcontroller architectures and FPGA based emulator hardware tools. We fulfil our obligation for an efficient, secure and fast development of your embedded systems application.

More than 40 employees follow further principles:

  • Know and learn on a daily basis what is important and pass on this expertise.
  • The problems and demands of our clients are a challenge for our employees. Their passion and creativity constantly produce new ideas.
  • Knowledge and tools are created in a process.
  • Working and learning are one.
  • To think beyond the goal is obligatory.
  • Openness is a principle.
  • Hierarchies are flat, information belongs to everyone.
  • Only those who think new thoughts can create new things and realise their ideas.

A business relationship between iSYSTEM and a customer is a global, world-wide partnership to provide high quality hardware and software tool solutions in-time. Being pro-active, knowing about the partner's challenges and exchanging knowledge adds value to this partnership.
To be prepared for the future means: to observe each day anew, to see how the world is changing and to adapt to the new situation. Never stop learning, always be curious – that is our commitment.

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