Why do embedded companies love to work with iSYSTEM and iSYSTEM tools?

Buzzwords: Security of investment, innovation, integration and planning as well as time-to-market:

  • Low learning curve
  • Cross-project synergies
  • High acceptance level among developers, decision makers and economical buyers
  • Flexible integration in a development and test process
  • Low cost of integration
  • Technology may be used for development and testing (unit, integration and system test) at the same time
  • Quick turn-around times for developing and testing
  • In-time availability of tools and highest level of integration
  • Industry proven and qualified products


Here comes how iSYSTEM covers these benefits:


Experience - iSYSTEM has 27+ years of experience in R&D and production of embedded software development and test tools
  • Independency: "Compiler", "RTOS" and "Silicon" free - Customer drives iSYSTEM tool development
  • Certification - ISO 9001:2008 Company Management System. iSYSTEM has been certified in the field of design, development, production and sales of embedded microcontroller development and test tools, managing custom projects and providing professional services related to such tools

Embedded Know-how and Competences especially doing Custom Designs, Projects and OEM Products

  • By building iSYSTEM and custom tools we have gained a lot of experience in
    • PCB, Housing, FPGA and MCU design
    • Communication protocols and
    • PC application development
    • Component tests (such as boundary scan etc.)
  • Vast 8-/16-/32- microcontroller architecture know-how
  • Process know-how in development and test of embedded software and hardware
  • Deep understanding of standards: AUTOSAR, IEC61508, ISO26262, DO178B/C, IEC 63204,...
  • Agile Software development (iSYSTEM lives the process of continuous integration)
  • Eclipse development and integration
  • Model Based Testing (eMOTE, MoTTeM project)
  • Software Testing
    • Non-instrumented RealTime-Test (testIDEA)
    • Regression Test Tool Suite (fitIDEA)
    • Tool Qualification (ISO26262, DO178B/C)

Professional Support Services

  • World-wide
  • Direct contact with R&D possible
  • Free evaluation period
  • Support function within iSYSTEM's software
  • On-site technical support
  • On-site and web-based tool training to bring customers up-to-speed

Large and heterogenous customer base

Software customizable tool functionality

  • Standard Debugging (memory read, write, step, memory dump, download, flash programming, etc.)
  • Advanced Debugging with trace and profiling (especially time measurements)
  • Multicore Debugging
  • Software Test with code coverage and unit/integration/system test
  • Measurement and calibration: Support for XCP and DAQ (Data Acquisition) via Blue Boxes
  • One Software (winIDEA/testIDEA) to drive all this functionality
  • Easy-to-learn, industry standard GUI (Visual Studio look & feel and support for Eclipse)

Comprehensive micro controller device support


  • isystem.connect (open & public APIs) to automate remote control of a debug and test environment
    • Security and flexibility of integration within the customer's development process
    • Keeps the cost of integration low
    • 3rd party tool co-operations and integrations along the V diagram
  • Support for almost all known compilers
  • Vector Informatik CANoe.XCP/.AMD and CANape
  • OSEK/AUTOSAR OSEK integrations (Vector Informatik, ETAS, Electrobit, ...)
  • Berner&Mattner CTL XL Professional
  • Razorcat Tessy (Source code based unit test tool)
  • LDRA testbed and tbrun
  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • The Mathworks Matlab/Simulink
  • Production test tools, e.g., JTAG boundary scan with Goepel Electronic, Temento, ... + ...

Safety and Security

  • Testing in general and especially according to functional safety standards such as IEC 61508 and its derived standards ISO26262, DO178B/C, IEC62304, EN 50128, IEC 61511, EN 50271, ... are gaining more and more importance in a lot of markets. iSYSTEM provides a real-time test tool (testIDEA) integrated in iSYSTEM's development environment winIDEA that allows execution of testcases without code instrumentation! Thus, the test environment corresponds as closely as possible to the target environment (no test drivers, no code instrumentation). In addition to thato iSYSTEM's development and test process is transparent to customers. They have access to iSYSTEM's regression test tool suite (). This enables users to validate iSYSTEM tools operate properly in the context of a safety/security project as required by a standard and any additional requirements of the users project (Tool Qualification and more).

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