Integrated Development Environment and Debugger for Embedded Software Development and Test

iSYSTEM has the following release policy: Verified and Hotfix builds.

Verified builds are released a couple of times per year and are thoroughly tested (tested platform document tells you what Blue Box - MCU combinations were tested). Verified builds are available as a full installation build, which includes binaries, full documentation and sample projects. The latest verified build can be downloaded here.

winIDEA 9.17 development is an ongoing process. All builds generated after the verified build (build number higher than the verified) are available as hotfix builds (see below) and should be used:

  • when a bug is fixed
  • when support for a new microcontroller is required
  • when a new feature or functionality is required

Hotfix builds are made for important and urgent fixes, features, and workarounds. Hotfix builds are only limited tested and are not available for download on the web. There are about two hotfix builds per week. Hotfix builds are provided on a specific request directly to the customer.

If you need a hotfix build, call iSYSTEM's support. Users should be aware that some functionality might be broken. If this risk is too high, we advise to wait for a Verified build availability. Note that the verified build must have higher build number than the respective Hotfix build.

For testIDEA as Eclipse plug-in please see Eclipse Plug-ins page.





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