Automatic test ID assignment

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Automatic test ID assignment

Unique test IDs are important in several use cases, for example when exporting/importing test specifications, or as references to tests used by other tools. Since manual creation of unique IDs is time consuming and error prone, testIDEA provides configurable test ID generator. The test ID generator is configured by format string in project properties dialog (command File | Properties), with Auto ID Format string:

The format string consists of fixed text and variables, which have the following syntax: ${<varName>}.
The string is broken to parts in the wizard, where all variables are also described:

The main property of IDs is their uniqueness, but we can also include some other information about the test case, for example function parameters. For this reason the test ID generator can create IDs composed of a unique string and some test case parameters. For unique part of an ID we use one of variables ${uid}, ${nid}, ${uuid}, or ${seq}. It is highly recommended to use the character '/' as a separator for unique part of test ID. If later want to update only informational part, because parameters changed, testIDEA can split the test ID and change only the requested part. Example:


Since only a limited set of characters is allowed for test IDs, all invalid characters in function names, parameters and tags are replaced by underscore character. '-' is used as a separator between parameters and tags.

Assigning IDs

Once we've defined the format string, we can run automatic ID assignment with command iTools | Set Test IDs:

For new tests we can assign ID on creation if we check the Auto generate ID check box in the New test dialog (command File | New Test).