Configuring Jenkins

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Configuring Jenkins

Configure isystem.connect

When Jenkins starts Python script using isystem.connect module, the script has to know location of winIDEA and write results in format understood by Jenkins. See section Test report for Jenkins for details.

Jenkins Installation

Jenkins home page provides link and instructions for installation.


Enter project name and select Freestyle project, as shown in the image below.

Name of Test report XMLs (JUnit file) must be the same as name of test report configured in testIDEA, but with extension .junit.xml.

Click Build Now in the menu, and wait for execution to finish. To observe progress, open console by double clicking the flashing icon next to build in the Build History box.

Click the build number to get menu with build details, including console output and test result.

Using Java Web Start

For debugging purposes it may be useful to run tests with account of logged user, not with Jenkins's account. In this case winIDEA window is visible. The test script uses preferences of the currently logged user for starting winIDEA, and winIDEA is not started as a backround process.

Open Top level menu | Manage Jenkins | Configure Global Security. Then select Enable security and Random.

Open Top level menu | Manage Jenkins | Manage Nodes | New Node

Click OK to get he next configuration screen.

In main dashboard, click node jwsGui in Build Executor Status box, to get the screen shown below:

Connect the agent, then run the project.