Connection to winIDEA

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Connection to winIDEA

When defining test specification, function and variable names must be specified. winIDEA knows names of all functions and variables from debug info, and testIDEA can get this information from winIDEA to help us with auto-completion. Therefore it is convenient to have winIDEA running, when specifying tests.

Once winIDEA is running, testIDEA can connect to it. For convenience there are several ways to connect:

Connection status is shown in the bottom left corner of the iSystem testIDEA window:

Note 1: winIDEA must download the code for symbols to be available. If we don't have target available, switching winIDEA to demo mode will also do the trick (main menu option Hardware | Demo mode in winIDEA).

Note 2: If testIDEA was started from winIDEA (menu Test | Launch testIDEA), then it can connect only to this instance of winIDEA. If we close the winIDEA instance, testIDEA can not connect anywhere, and we must close it also. This behavior may seem inconvenient, but if we have several instances of winIDEA and testIDEA running, this tight coupling provides a controllable development environment.
To get a testIDEA instance, which can connect to any winIDEA, run it directly from Windows, not from winIDEA.