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With testIDEA we can set or change all parts of test specifications, as described in the The Test Specification page. However, sometimes we also want to arrange the order of test specifications, move them between instances of testIDEA or between testIDEA and text editor. These operations are described on this page.

Selecting test specifications

If we want to perform the same operation on multiple test specifications, we have to select more of them. This can be done in one of the following ways:


Operations from the title move test specification to/from operating system's clipboard. They are stored there as plain text in YAML format. Therefore we can copy test specification from testIDEA to text editor or the other way around.

Paste As Derived

As the name tells, this command pastes test specification from the clipboard as derived test specification of the currently selected test specification.

Paste And Overwrite

This command pastes test specification so that all sections, which are defined in the test specification on the clipboard, overwrite the same sections of the selected test specification. For example, if test specification on the clipboard has defined sections Coverage and Options, these two sections will replace the same sections of the selected test specification, regardless if they are defined in the selected test specification or not.

Copying individual sections

Suppose we have section Variables, which we would like to apply also to few other test specifications. This can be achieved with the following steps:

The section is applied to the selected test specification.

View test specification source

The context menu of test specifications in test tree contains option Show source.

If we select it, winIDEA opens the source files (either iyaml or C/C++ source) and positions the cursor to the selected test specification.

Note: When we move test specifications around in the test tree, source code location may no longer match the one in source file. If we save the file, locations are refreshed.