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Filter settings define which test cases are members of a group. Test cases can be removed or added to group only with filter settings. After change in settings, command Refresh symbols must be executed to update test cases in groups.

Group filter has many settings and it can specify complex criteria for test case filtering. However, in most cases only one or two items need to be set, like it is done in the image below, where all test cases for functions in module listUtils.c are listed.
Use tool-tips of controls in filter section to learn more about their meaning.

Please note that only executable tests (have Execute flag in section Meta selected) can be members of a group.

Limitation: Download files with the same name but in different directories are not supported.

Drag and drop

Drag & Drop action of a test case on group adds test ID of the dropped test cases to filter. This action is convenient for defining filter in a new custom group, which has no other items set. Only test cases dropped on a group will be group members.

If filter has already other constraints defined, Drag & drop may not add test cases to the group. For example, if filter is configured to contain only test cases for functions from module signal.c, and test case from module math.c is dropped on the group, then this test case will not be part of the group. Furthermore, since there is no test case with the given ID for functions from module math.c, the group will contain no test cases. Modify the filter manually in such cases.