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This test section is available only for unit tests, which means testing of a single function in testIDEA. For this kind of tests, target stack is modified in a way, which enables calling of the specified function, and stopping execution when the function returns.
This page contains the most important part of unit test specification - the name of the function to be tested, and its parameters.

It is recommended that winIDEA has symbols loaded and testIDEA is connected to winIDEA. This way content assistance is available, and function prototypes are shown in testIDEA.

Timeout specifies when testIDEA terminates test case execution, if it does not end normally. See tooltip for more details.

Fully qualified function names

If there are multiple download files, or we use file static functions, multiple functions with the same name may exist. To define the exact function, we can use the extended syntax for function naming:





The source file name is needed only for file static functions, for all other functions we can specify only download file, for example:


The setting for using fully qualified or simple function names in content proposals is located in testIDEA File | Properties | General dialog, check-box Use qualified function names.

Overloaded functions and methods

To specify which of overloaded functions has to be tested, add also list of parameter types to function name, for example:


Name of the source file is not mandatory.