System init and Execute test

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System init and Execute test

These two sections define start point and test execution for tests, which test something else than a single function, for example few lines of code, a set of functions, a set of modules or complete system. This section is visible, if System tests are selected in Meta page.

The System init section specifies where to stop the target before test. It does not need to be specified, if target is already initialized and execution point set as expected.

The Execute test section must be specified if we want the test to be executed by testIDEA. If it is not specified (option No exec is selected), then script function Init test should be specified, and should run and stop the target to execute the test. When target stops, target state (variables, ...) is obtained and compared to tests requirements. Analyzer is also stopped and expected values verified.

See tool-tips of input controls for detailed descriptions. See also page System tests for more detailed description of system tests.