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Breakpoints plugin offers an enhanced view of the conditional breakpoints, as well as shortcuts for faster manipulation of all the breakpoints in the project.

Breakpoints Plugin Window

Breakpoints Plugin Toolbar

Opens a dialog, where a new breakpoint can be created.

Deletes the currently selected breakpoints.

Deletes all breakpoints.

Toggles all breakpoints between enabled and disabled state.

Resets all pass counters to zero.

Breakpoints Plugin Context Menu

Edit breakpoint - opens the Breakpoints dialog, which offers advanced breakpoint settings.

Reset pass count - resets the pass count of the selected breakpoint.

Breakpoints Plugin Window

Breakpoints plugin displays all the relevant information regarding regular and conditional breakpoints. The featured columns are:

Name - displays the state of the breakpoint (enabled / disabled) and the location of the breakpoint.

Condition - displays the breakpoint condition.

Hit - displays the pass count rule when the breakpoint will be hit.

Pass Count - displays current pass count.

When Hit - displays the action that is made on the breakpoint hit.

Other available shortcuts:

Double click on a breakpoint - moves the caret to the selected breakpoint.

Hit space, when a breakpoint is selected - toggles the selected breakpoint between enabled and disabled state.