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Table of Contents

1        Summary        1

2        Setup        1

3        Viewing Faults        3

1        Summary

Cortex Fault Reports plugin for winIDEA is used to view Cortex exceptions and the exception context in a dedicated plugin window.

2        Setup

Start winIDEA and load the plugin in Plugins / Options dialog by selecting Cortex Fault Reports and clicking the << button.

Available plugins

Cortex Fault Reports plugin will be loaded

Once loaded, plugin's main window showing tasks can be opened or closed by selecting Plugins / Cortex Fault Reports.

3        Viewing Faults

Only hard fault exceptions are enabled on the CPU by default. If you would like to see more detailed exception description, then other types of exceptions need to be manually enabled in the code. This can be achieved by writing 1 to USGFAULTENA, BUSFAULTENA and MEMFAULTENA bitfields located in the SHCRS register. Unless these exceptions are enabled the CPU will always throw a hard fault exception.

CPU stopped in memory exception handler.

Exception Context is only available on the entry point of the exception handler. Please note, that the exception handler can corrupt the data stored on the stack. To ensure that the CPU is stopped at the handler entry point it is recommended that you enable exception catch mechanism in winIDEA.

In order to do so, open Hardware / CPU Options / CPU dialog and check the exceptions as shown on the image below:

Cortex Exceptions Catch Setting