Custom SFR Windows

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Since in modern microcontrollers also thousands of special function registers can be available, browsing through all can be very time consuming since very rarely monitoring of all SFRs is needed. To make the monitoring of SFRs easier, a custom SFR window can be built. In a custom SFR window the user can specify which SFRs are to be seen.

Creating and using a custom SFR window

Custom SFR windows are managed in the View / More menu. To create a new window, click on the View / More / New Custom SFR menu item. A dialog pops up asking you to name the new SFR window.

More than one SFR window can be created.

A custom SFR window pops up displaying the newly created window. Items from the main SFR window can be added to the new window using drag & drop. Whole groups or standalone registers can be dragged to the new window.

In the Category menu, the name of the currently selected SFR window is shown. If more than one SFR window has been created, here different SFR window displays can be selected.

Sharing SFR windows

For every SFR window you create, a configuration file is written in the project directory with the name of <window name>.CSF. This file can be shared to anyone who would need the new window. Only the .CSF file needs to be copied to the project directory of the other user. Upon opening the project the next time, the new SFR window will be available in the View / More menu.

Deleting custom SFR windows

If a custom SFR window should be deleted, delete the <window name>.CSF file in the project directory.