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Disassembly Window button

A Disassembly window is opened by selecting the 'Disassembly' command from the 'View' menu or by clicking the Disassembly window button on 'View toolbar'.

Programmers will mainly use the disassembly window where no source debug information is available. Its functions nearly duplicate source-debugging functions.

The Disassembly window consists of two independent scrollable panes, which you can resize by dragging delimiters in the header.


see Disassembly Window Toolbar for more detailed explanation.

Disassembly Pane

Disassembly Pane lists the target program in disassembled form. The program execution point and breakpoints are indicated, as well as an arrow indicator with which you can move up and down to view other parts of the program, set and clear breakpoints, run until, etc. Conditional and change-of-flow instructions are colored differently to regular instructions.

Registers Pane

Registers Pane lists all CPU's registers along with their values.

Double clicking a register opens the Modify Register dialog where the selected  register can be modified.

Modify Register dialog

The register can be modified by entering a hexadecimal value or bitwise.


Disassembly Window Toolbar

Disassembly Window Context Menu