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Toggle Breakpoint

Toggle Breakpoint sets an execution breakpoint at the current indicator point. If a breakpoint is already set on this location, it is cleared.

Run Until

Run Until sets the CPU running until its execution reaches the current indicator position.


Goto Address presets the CPU's program counter register (PC, IP, etc.) to the current indicator position.

Note: use this command with caution. Since regular program execution is skipped, make sure that the stack pointer and other important registers are not corrupted by this action. Careless use can lead the program to crash.

Goto execution point

Goto execution point shows the current execution point in the disassembly.

List From...

Lists the content of the Disassembly window from the address selected.

List Branch Target

Lists from branch target. This command is available only on direct branches.

List Function

Context menu provides list commands:

List Function - available when inside a function body. List from function start and beyond function end are provided

List Label – available when outside function body. Lists from first preceding code label and first subsequent code label are provided.

Points before and after List command are memorized. Reversing the path is possible using the Backspace key.

Goto Source

Goto execution point shows the current execution point in the source.

Display Information

Disassembly pane always displays disassembled instruction, but you can additionally instruct it to display:

source - if a line symbol's address matches the address of the disassembled instruction, the source line is displayed before the instruction.

labels - if a code label's address matches the address of the disassembled instruction, the name of the label is displayed before the instruction.

symbols - if an absolute location is addressed by an instruction and that address matches a global variable or a code label, the symbol's address is displayed instead of the value.

Example: variable 'var' is located at address 1000h:

MOV A,(1000)

is replaced by

MOV A,(var)

symbol values - if symbols are enabled and you still wish to see the absolute number, enabling this setting will display the value as well. In the previous example this would yield:

MOV A,(var)   (1000)


Save button opens a dialog where you can specify the range of addresses that you wish to disassemble and store in a disk file.

Auto Fit

Automatically resizes columns.


see Disassembly options for more detailed explanation. 'Colors and Fonts' can also be changed in this dialog.

Window type

is used to select the type of window (Docked | MDI | Floating).


maximizes selected window to winIDEA application window.


closes selected window.