Disassembly options

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Certain options for disassembly can be set using the Disassembly tab on the Tools/Options window.

Disassembly options

Display information

Select the information to display in the disassembly window. This will make the disassembly window easier to navigate:

Symbols - winIDEA will show the name of the symbols instead of addresses. This is particularly useful when branch location needs to be determined

   Symbol values - winIDEA will show the Symbol name together with the address

   SFR Registers - the name of the SFR register addressed by the instruction will be shown

Labels - the labels belonging to the address will be displayed above the address

Source lines - the source lines belonging to the address will be displayed above the address

   File name and line - the source file name and line number will be displayed together with the source line


The Disassembly window indicator can be displayed as a bar or an arrow.

Hide Unused Flags

Check this option if you want unused flags to be hidden.

Cleared Flags

With this option you can select how the cleared flags will be displayed – with an underscore or a low case letter.

Memory Access

The memory can be accessed through a monitor or real-time access can be enabled.