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To configure download files select the 'Files For Download' option on the Debug menu.

Download Files dialog, Download Files page

Download Files

All download files are listed here. Multiple download files can be listed here, but only checked files will be downloaded.

In the above example one download file is defined. The name is 'sample.out' and is located in the directory of current project target. Its type is ELF and is loaded without any offset.

New, Properties

You can add more files by clicking the ‘New…’ button, delete the selected download file by clicking the ‘Remove’ button, or edit properties of the currently selected file using the  'Properties…' button.


For every download file the Process can be specified (when using a CPU family with the ability to run multiple processes).

Memory Area

For every download file the memory area to which it is downloaded can be specified.

Include project output file

This option automatically includes the project output file.

Default file for debugging

If more than one file are specified, the default file for debugging should be selected in the ‘Default file for debugging’ option.