Execution Breakpoints

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Breakpoints dialog offers additional control over the breakpoints used on the microcontroller. It may be used to set up conditional breakpoints and post-hit script actions.

Execution Breakpoints dialog

Breakpoint manipulation controls

Use the buttons on the left to create a new breakpoint, delete or show (locate) an existing breakpoint. Checkbox next to the breakpoint identifier indicates whether a breakpoint is enabled or disabled (ignored).

Remove All

Remove all (enabled and disabled) breakpoints.

Reapply All

Reapply breakpoints in case winIDEA and microcontroller statuses are not synchronized. This might be used when software breakpoints are used, but are overwritten.

Enable All

Enable all listed breakpoints.

Disable All

Disable all listed breakpoints. Using this option will not remove the breakpoints from the list.

Breakpoint details

Details about breakpoint location (source file, source line, address) are shown. Address is displayed with a prefix:


This is a hardware breakpoint. On-chip debug logic is used.


This is a software breakpoint. Object code was modified with an instruction that will stop the CPU and enter debug mode when it's hit.


This breakpoint was not applied (check if it is enabled).

Condition settings

Check the Enabled box to make the breakpoint conditional. Each time the breakpoint is passed the expression (if present) will be evaluated and if it evaluates to true, it will count as one more pass. When the breakpoint is passed for as many times as specified in the pass count, breakpoint will be hit and the CPU will be stopped. Keep in mind that the CPU actually stops each time a conditional breakpoint is passed in order to evaluate the condition and then resumes the CPU.

Action settings

Once the breakpoint is hit an action may be performed by enabling the Script option. Use the browse button for the Python script you wish to run and specify any required parameters. Enable the Show script window option to inspect the script execution. See Python in winIDEA chapter for more information on the Python instance that will be used to run the script.

Conditional breakpoint notifications

When conditional breakpoint is hit one of the following events may be set to occur:

- message box is displayed

- sound notification (beep) is played

Hardware Breakpoint settings

Opens a new dialog which offers settings for access breakpoints (e.g. break CPU when a specific memory location is read / written to).