Hardware Breakpoints

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Hardware Breakpoints are a part of the debug logic that is used to either create hardware execution breakpoints or access breakpoints (e.g. break execution once a specific memory location is written to). These resources are typically shared (between execution breakpoints and access breakpoints), but not necessarily. This means that if a hardware  breakpoint is used to break execution when a certain memory location is read, then one less hardware breakpoint will be available for execution breakpoints. Some in-circuit emulators have unlimited resources (i.e. you may cover complete memory with breakpoints). Refer to the emulation technical note specific to the microcontroller you are using for more information on available hardware breakpoints.

Select Debug / Hardware Breakpoints to open the Hardware Breakpoints dialog. These dialogs are emulator / CPU-specific and reflect the available debug logic. A wizard is available for most microcontrollers, which simplifies the process of settings standard types of hardware breakpoints. Button is located in the lower left corner of the Hardware Breakpoint dialog:

Hardware Breakpoints dialog

Depending on what the microcontroller / emulator supports, wizard will guide you through the appropriate hardware breakpoint setup:

Hardware Breakpoint setup wizard

Once the hardware breakpoint is configured, click OK to apply the configuration:

Hardware Breakpoints dialog