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Download Files dialog, Options page

Auto download

Determines when an automatic download should be performed. The options are:

Never - No automatic download is performed.

After link - Download is performed when link process completes.

Prompt when changed - User is prompted to confirm download when a change to the download files is detected.

When changed - Download is performed when a change to the download files is detected..

Before download

An action to be performed before download can be selected here.

Nothing - Do nothing. Note that the emulation must already be started (typically through Debug/CPU Reset command).

Regular initialization – Initializes the CPU as defined in the Hardware/Emulation Options/Initialization menu (default).

Download in Hot Attach configuration

Optionally winIDEA can, upon Debug/Download command, disable Hot Attach and perform regular download.

Initialize debugger, load symbols - initialize debugger hardware and loads symbols. (This is the default setting).

Initialize, attach to CPU, download code - performs regular download, bypassing hot attach configuration.

After download the Hot Attach capabilities are restored.

Memory region Actions

The configured items are displayed with a 3 letter prefix indicating the operation:

First position

x – the region is excluded from download

_ - regular/no exclusion

Second position

v – the region is skipped in verify

_ - regular verify

Third position

c – the region is copied to another location

m – the region is moved to another location

_ - no mirroring

Multiple memory ranges can be defined. New areas can be specified by pressing the 'New area' button.

The configured areas can be edited by double-clicking on the area. An area can be removed by pressing the 'Remove area' button.

Beside download exclusions, further memory actions on loaded code can be performed before it is moved into target.

Exclude for download – the specified region is not loaded to target

Ignore in Verify operation – the region is not verified

Mirror – the region is either copied (duplicated) or moved to another address.

Target Download

After the primary download a secondary download can be performed. This is usually used to load program code to target memory that is accessible after the debugged CPU has been released from reset.

None - No target download is performed (default)

Download files - Target download is performed with the original set of download files

Target download files - Target download is performed with the set of download files specified in the Target Download page.

After download

An action can be performed after the download completes.


When checked, the downloaded code is verified after download finishes.

Download verification can be performed in two ways:

against Loaded code - downloaded code is verified against the code which winIDEA loaded into the target .

against File content - downloaded code is verified against against code in the download files.

The later is useful when the program code is loaded using different means, but synchronization with the symbols in the download file must be checked.

Go to

When checked two options are available:

Go to program entry point - Presets the program execution point to the program entry point (if one is specified in the download file). This option is usually used along with Before download/Reset for… option.

Go to… - Presets the execution point to the specified address (any function can be selected with the button).

Note: Use caution when using Go to... This can cause the CPUor application startup to be skipped.

Goto Address MMU Verification

If Debug/Goto address… operation is performed explicitly or implicitly (as a part of Download process), winIDEA verifies that a matching TLB entry is configured in the MMU. If no such entry exists, operation fails. User is instructed to ensure correct MMU configuration.


When checked two options are available:

Run until… - The CPU is set to running until it reaches the specified position (typically the 'main' function, but any function can be selected with the button).

Run - The CPU is set to running.

Perform this action also after Debug/CPU Reset

If this option is selected, the action defined in the ‘After download’ option is also performed when a debug or CPU reset occurs.

Load Map

Show load map when download errors occur

When checked, a load map error will be reported, if code is loaded outside debugger range or code overlaps.

Save Download Report

winIDEA can generate an XML formatted load report after download.

The report can include:

Loaded regions

Regions where code from different download files overlaps

Regions where verify errors occurred.

Every region reports:

Starting address

Last address in the region

Size of the region