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General plugins

Breakpoints - offers advanced view of the conditional and other breakpoints in the project.

GDB server - plugin enables the user to connect GDB and other tools that use GDB Remote Serial Protocol (RSP).

Health - plugin shows the internal state of the debugger. For diagnostic purposes only.

HIL Monitor - enables the user to observe and change digital and analog inputs / outputs on the IO module.

Measurement - measurement plugin displays basic measurements like run time, CPU clock, trace clock...

RTOS - plugins for rcX RTOS, MQX RTOS, freeRTOS, Keil RTX real time operating system overview.

XCP - a lightweight implementation of an XCP slave. It enables measuring and calibrating of the target ECU without impacting overall ECU’s performance or memory footprint.

Architecture-specific plugins

Cortex Status - displays various cycle counts (sleep, exception...) and run time.

Cortex Fault Reports - displays details on the Cortex exception that occurred.

e200 Memory - a plugin for detailed insight in e200 core MMU, MPU and SMPU.

e200 cache viewer - displays enhanced view of e200 cache and cache configuration.

MPC5xxx Information - plugin with overview over the e200 execution history, reset and ECC information.

Renesas Cycle Counter - plugin displays CPU run time.

RH850 Time/Performance Unit - plugin offers a convenient way to control the TMU unit, which features cycle-accurate count and timing measurements.

Tricore - plugin displays MCX and CDC counter limits and counts.