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On certain CPU families, the memory area can be split into several processes.

Download Files dialog, Processes page


A new process can be added using the ‘New…’  button, a non-default process can be removed using the ‘Remove’ button and the properties of a process can be edited using the ‘Properties…’ button.

Note: the Process dialog is not available on all CPU families.

Use virtual access for the currently active process

If this option is checked, virtual access is used for the currently active process.

Customizing processes

Process customization dialog

A custom process can be defined in this dialog. The name of the process is specified and the process's PID, if needed, can be specified.

The memory area where the process is located is specified in the Address mapping section. The start, end and the location it is mapped to are specified in the entry boxes below. New areas are added using the ‘Add’ button, the selected one can be changed to the one specified below using the ‘Change’ button or removed using the ‘Remove’ button.