Renesas Cycle Counter

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Renesas Cycle Counter plugin displays cycle count of the on-chip counter, which runs from the debug clock frequency.

CPU run time is calculated from the cycle count and debug clock frequency.

Information for the CPUs which don't have on-chip counter is calculated by winIDEA monitoring the CPU RUN status.

Note that on RH850 this plugin uses the 1st counter of the TMU Time/Performance Unit. If at the same time a RH850 Time/Performance plugin configures this counter, then the default Renesas Cycle Counter operation is suspended. It remains suspended until the CPU is reset, or when the counter is released by the RH850 Time/Performance plugin.

Debug clock reference

JTAG debug clock:

iC3000 - 2 MHz

iC5000, iC5500, iC6000 - 8 MHz

LPD debug clock:

Specified in the Hardware / CPU Options / SoC / LPD clock.

Exact measurement of the debug clock:

You can measure the debug clock on the TCK / LPD_CLK pin on the debug adapter.

Measurement accuracy

Cycle count measurement depends on the debug clock, because the CPU state is sampled with the debug clock frequency. Margin of error is therefore two periods of the debug clock - one period when starting the measurement and one period when the CPU is stopped.

Additional error may be introduced when the cycle measurement is converted into time measurement, as the time is rounded to microseconds. For most accurate results the cycle measurement should be used.