Special Function Registers Window Context Menu

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Sub-register display

The sub-registers can be shown with 'values', 'names and values' or not at all.

Note that this feature is CPU and register dependent and may not be available for all registers.

Edit value

Edit value of the current register or sub-register. In the in-place edit field that opens enter the new value using the same number base as the register is displayed in.

Note: whenever possible, sub-registers are modified without writing the entire register (bit addressable registers). If a sub-register can not be accessed independently of its register, the register is first read, sub-register bits are adjusted, and the whole register is written back.

Display Mode

The value of a register can be displayed in following display modes:





Create Initialization Script...

SFR window can create an initialization script. All selected SFRs which can be read and written are exported to a Python file along with their current values.

Select the SFRs or groups

Right click and select Create initialization script command

Specify the file name and confirm

The script is using standard isystem.connect Python syntax and can be executed as such.

Note: Monitor access is used to perform the modification.
This setting can be manually overridden by editing the Python file.


Register can be found by entering an exact name or a substring or by address.


In SFR window, displaying Properties of an SFR displays:

Name of the register or sub-register

Description, which is available only if the SFR specification file provides it.

Address of the register or sub-register

Size of the register or sub-register in bits

Sub-register offset from the register in bits

Read/write property of a register

Value of the register or sub-register

Value description, which is available only if the SFR specification file provides it and if the current value fits one of the specified values for the field.


see Save for more detailed explanation.

Auto Fit

Automatically resizes columns.


see SFR options for more detailed explanation. 'Colors and Fonts' can also be changed in this dialog.

Window type

is used to select the type of window (Docked | MDI | Floating).


maximizes selected window to winIDEA application window.


closes selected window.