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Symbol Browser window displays the list of symbols found in the symbol table of the specified download file, which helps to quickly locate variables, functions and other symbols.

The following elements are visible in the Symbol Browser window :

Download file selection

Specify the download file from which the symbol table will be extracted.

Type selection

Symbol browser offers search through different types of objects - variables, functions, constants, typedefs, types, modules, code labels and macros.

Note, that macros will only be available when #define analysis is enabled for the specific download file. To learn more about this, please read the Defines chapter.

List of matching symbols

All symbols matching the criteria will be shown. Click on the symbol name for more information.

Note for ELF download file format: The symbols available in this list depend on the debug information in the download file. By default only the symbols which are found in the debug sections are shown. If you believe that some symbols are missing go to Debug / Files for download / Properties / Advanced and change the Load Symbol Table Items setting from None to Global and Local. This will show all symbols which are listed in the download file, but it can happen that the symbols will be specified multiple times (with mangled and unmangled names). For better readability it is suggested to keep this setting set to None.

Symbol information

Type - displays the symbol type

Module - displays the module in which the symbol is defined

Address - displays the symbol address

Size - displays the size of the object

Path - displays the module path relative to the winIDEA workspace

Value - displays the macro value

File - displays the path to the file, in which the macro is defined

Use File suffix on symbol names

When using Symbol Browser to select a symbol for further use (e.g. when selecting a variable to add to Watch window) download file name may be added to the symbol by enabling this option. This is recommended when multiple download files are used and same symbol name is used in more than one download file - this way each instance is uniquely identified.

Filter field

The filter offers a quick and efficient way to find the desired symbol. Enter keywords separated by space and symbols containing all of the keywords (in any order) will be displayed. See the image above for an example.

Display settings

Choose to have symbols sorted by address or name. Hex checkbox is available when browsing constants, where it toggles between decimal and hexadecimal value display.