Tasks Window

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Tasks window (View / Tasks) displays the list of tasks that the chosen RTOS is executing. This window is only available when an operating system plugin is loaded. This view displays only general task information. For RTOS specific view use the RTOS plugins. Following image depicts an example of tasks window for MQX RTOS.

Tasks toolbar

Set Context

Sets debug context for the selected task.

Task Properties

Displays additional information of the selected task.


Refreshes the display of the task view.

Task selection

Debug context is set for the task chosen in the Tasks drop-down menu.

Stack frame selection

Task view

Displays the list of all tasks that are being executed on the target. The currently running task is highlighted. View consists of several columns:

ID - Displays the task ID. Task, for which the debug context is currently set, is marked with an arrow. Double click on the task ID sets debug context for that task.

Name - Displays the task name.

State - Displays the task state.

Location - Displays the current execution function name for specific task.

Stack - Displays current stack usage in percent.

Info - Displays additional information about RTOS task. This information is specific for each RTOS. In the case of MQX RTOS this item describes tasks error description and code.