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Terminal Window button

A terminal window is opened by selecting the 'Terminal' command from the 'View' menu or by clicking the Terminal window button on 'View toolbar'.

The terminal window features VT52, VT100 protocol emulation and can communicate through standard COM ports and additionally through special debugger communication port (e.g. JTAG on ARM family) or shared target memory. This might be very useful especially since many evaluation boards already feature a serial port and the kernel of such boards usually already contains serial communication support, newer boards even include a VT100 terminal. Such boards become quickly operational using the terminal window.

The debugging can also become easier as the application can send messages itself to the terminal window.


see Terminal Window Toolbar for more detailed explanation.

Status bar

Status bar shows:

the current cursor position (for example: row 1, column 1),

the emulation type (for example: VT100)

the options terminal is connected through (for example: the COM1 serial port, with 9600 bps, 8 bit, Parity None, 1 stop bit).


Terminal Window Toolbar

List of supported VT100 Commands

Terminal Window Setup