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This document describes usage of trace trigger templates in winIDEA.

Trace Trigger Overview

Some on-chip trigger systems are very complicated to set up. A library of trace trigger templates can be created by a specialist and shared with other users who can quickly create and manipulate a trace trigger configuration for a typical task.  

winIDEA makes an effort to provide all on-chip trigger configuration accessible to the user, but as a consequence the extensive configuration options can be overwhelming for a user not intimately familiar with the CPUs trigger logic.

Template Triggers

A template trigger provides a level of abstraction on top of the trigger configuration, which makes its use quite straightforward. The idea is:

An experienced user familiar with on-chip trace engine, can create and test a specialized trigger configuration; for example – record all accesses to variable MyVar while executing function MyFunc.

Once the configuration is tested, only a few parameters are marked as configurable (e.g. name of the variable and the function), and the configuration is saved as a template.

The template is shared between other users, who can use it for this purpose, but need to specify only the configurable parameters.

Any number of templates can be created.

iSYSTEM already provides a growing library of preconfigured templates.

Usage in winIDEA

Creating a Template Trigger

Any regular trigger can be made into a template. Once a trigger configuration is operating correctly, click the Create Template button in the trigger configuration dialog.

The Template creation dialog will open. Fill in the name and description.

Notice that the Change items list displays all parameters which differ from the default trigger configuration.

Next, move the items which you wish to be configurable in the template, from the Changed items list to the Parameters list:

Select the item

Click the Add button

Specify the parameter properties which will be understandable to the template user


Review the configuration. Items in the Parameters list will be available for configuration. Their current  values will be used as default.

Click the OK button to finalize the template.

Editing an Existing Template Trigger

Existing user templates can be edited by invoking the Template Editor from the Trace configuration dialog.

Using a Template Trigger

A template trigger is created similar to a regular trigger.

In the trace window toolbar click the configuration button.

Select Use trigger/qualifier

Click the New from template button

The Templates dialog shows all templates applicable for current CPU configuration.

Two lists are provided:

3.User Templates – templates created by the user, located in the folder specified in Tools/Options/Environment/User Templates

4.Built-in Templates – templates already provided by iSYSTEM. These are located in winIDEA installation folder's Templates subfolder.

Select the desired list

Select the desired template and click OK.

Select the name for the new trigger

click Configure

specify the actual values for configurable parameters. For symbolic entries you can use browse in the symbol table by clicking the ... button to the right of the entry field.

This trigger will remain in template form and is discernible from regular triggers by the icon. Additionally the name of the template used is displayed in square brackets after the trigger name.

Converting a Template Trigger to Normal Type

If additional fine tuning of the trigger is required - by accessing the lower level configuration, a template trigger can be converted back to Normal type.

To do so, click the Convert button and confirm the prompt. Now the trigger can be edited fully.