USB driver issues

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USB driver issues

During winIDEA installation USB driver is also installed. Very rarely after powering on the emulator which was connected to PC winIDEA shows errors:

1.Device is recognized on the PC, but not in winIDEA,

2.USB device not recognized,

3.Cannot install this Hardware.

Please read this article, If you wish to use newest USB drivers with winIDEA older than 9.12.184.

Device is recognized on the PC, but not in winIDEA

The issue might occur when winIDEA version older than 9.12.184 is run together with the newer winUSB drivers, which are not supported on older versions of winIDEA. winUSB drivers are installed by default if no previous iSystem driver installation is found. Drivers compatible with both versions are still distributed, but are not selected by default. To revert to legacy drivers which are compatible with older winIDEA versions please run the SwitchToAsyst.bat utility. It can be found in:

Windows XP

       C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\isystem\drivers\WinUSB

all other Windows operating systems


Follow the installation process to install the legacy driver.

USB device not recognized

If this error is displayed you should:

Check cable or use another USB cable.

Connect emulator to another USB port.

Connect emulator to a different USB port. The one that resides on a PCI or PCIe card.

Connect emulator to a PC via powered USB switch. In case a PC (usually a laptop) cannot provide enough power over USB port.

Cannot install this Hardware

If this error is displayed or the above suggestions for the first error don't solve the problem you should reinstall the driver:

In windows click on the start menu and select run, then type %ALLUSERSPROFILE% and press OK.

Windows explorer window will be shown. Open isystem \ drivers folder and you should see the same files as on the screenshot below.

Power down the emulator and double click on the InstallDriver.exe file which first installs new driver and then uninstalls older drivers and removes registry entries which point to older drivers.

If Windows still shows “Cannot install this Hardware” dialog then manual driver uninstall procedure should be performed.

To manually uninstall driver you should first identify the files you must remove from the computer.

From the Windows start menu select Run and type regedit and press OK.

In regedit locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class

Press CTRL + F and enter iSystem in the search dialog and press OK.

Regedit should display a key with several strings as shown above. Under this key there are also subkeys represented by numbers, in my case 0000 and 0009. Click on such a key and inside locate a string named InfPath which points to an INF file. Locate this INF file in c:\Windows\Inf folder and delete it. Repeat the procedure for all different INF files found in registry.

Then delete the main key (with all subkeys) which holds the data about all enumerated iSystem devices. In my case the key is {00294380-BBA1-11D5-A7B8-0000F81A2088}.

At the end remove the folder where winIDEA installs the driver, for example:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\isystem\drivers

The folder path is different on Windows 7 and Vista.

Now restart the PC and again install the iSystemDriverPack which you can find here:

The above procedure can be executed only if you have administrator rights.