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Variable length encoding (VLE) areas can be configured using current MMU configuration.

Download Files dialog, VLE page

VLE Areas

The areas can be set in three ways:

All – all areas are VLE

None – no VLE areas

Custom – memory areas specified hold VLE code

Memory containing VLE code

Custom memory areas containing VLE code are specified here. Multiple areas can be specified. New areas are defined by pressing the 'New…' button, existing ones can be edited by pressing the 'Properties…' button or removed by pressing the 'Remove' button.

Specifying the memory range

The memory range can be specified with absolute address or by selecting the area using the symbol browser by pressing either the 'From…' or the 'To…' button. If an object is specified in the 'From…' area and 'Cover entire object range' is checked, the entire object range of the object will be declared as VLE.

Ignore download file VLE memory information

If this option is checked, the memory area information from the download file about VLE memory areas is ignored and only the areas specified here are regarded.