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Variables Window button

A Variables window is opened by selecting the 'Variables' command from the 'View' menu or by clicking the Variables window button on 'View toolbar'.

The 'Variables' window is an automated watch window. All expressions shown are configured automatically. In general, you will be using watch window for global symbols or expressions and variables window for local symbols, which change quickly, as you step in and out of functions.

The variable Window has two panes, each showing its specific variables.

All shown variables are configured automatically and can not be changed manually.

Note: Variables window only show valid contents when the CPU is stopped, the variables shown, and their address depend on current execution point of the CPU.

Call Stack

During a debug session, the Call Stack displays the stack of function calls that are currently active. See Call Stack for more detailed explanation.

Locals Pane

The 'Locals' pane displays local variables of the current high level function.

‘This’ Pane

This pane shows the data member of the current C++ class object.

Entries in this pane are visible only when the CPU is stopped inside a member function of a C++ class.


Variables Window Context Menu

Modifying Values

Watching Complex Expressions

Call Stack