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Hexadecimal display

toggles the display value between decimal and hexadecimal.


winIDEA will display high level variable values formatted according to their type. If you wish to override default formatting or to enforce a type to a typeless expression, you can use type modifiers.

see Watch Expression Type Modifiers for more detailed explanation.

Add Watch...

To configure a new watch expression you can:

select an empty line in the watch window, and start entering the watch expressions


select Add Watch… command that opens 'Browsing variables' dialog and select a symbol you want to watch


select the expression you wish to watch in the editor and drag it to the watch window

Delete All

Deletes all watches.

Display Mode...

enable graphical display, see Display mode for more detailed explanation.

Set Write Breakpoint

Variables configured in the Watch window can be used to directly set a hardware Write access breakpoint.

When a single variable whose address is linear in memory space (i.e. not in a register, or using a register offset), the context menu Set Write Breakpoint command configures the hardware access breakpoint logic (if available on the current platform).

Delete Watch

Deletes the selected watch.

Create Initialization Script...

Watch window can create an initialization script. All selected watches which can be modified are exported to a Python file along with their current values.

Select the watch expressions

Right click and select Create initialization script command

Specify the file name and confirm

The script is using standard isystem.connect Python syntax and can be executed as such.

Note: If regular watch pane is used, monitor access will be used to perform the modification. If real-time watch pane is used, real-time access will be used.
This setting can be manually overridden by editing the Python file.

Creating initialization script with char variables

When generating an initialization script from the watch window variable values will be used as displayed in the watch window. This may be problematic for the char variables, as most commonly they are displayed in ASCII (integer) format. This format will not work in the initialization script. In order to change the display format of the char variables go to Debug / Debug options / Symbols / Character display and choose Integer.

Watch window with ASCII (Int) character display

Watch window with integer character display


more detailed properties of the selected variable are shown in properties window.


saves the content to disk.

Auto Fit

Automatically resizes columns.


'Colors and Fonts' can be changed in this dialog.

Window type

is used to select the type of window (Docked | MDI | Floating).


maximizes selected window to winIDEA application window.


closes selected window.