Avionics market


In 2005 iSYSTEM’s first development tool was shipped to an automotive embedded control unit supplier. Since then lots of avionics software has been developed, debugged, analyzed, tested and deployed using iSYSTEM’s Embedded Software Development Environment (winIDEA/testIDEA) in combination with iSYSTEM Blue Box Debugger and Analyzer Hardware. Companies developing avionics embedded software require sophisticated debug and analyzer functionality, test automation support, professional support services and qualifiable tools for certification purposes. They must fulfill the requirements of functional safety standards such as DO-178C (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification) and have to test as close as possible to the hardware. A flexible and seamless integration of such tools in their development and test process is key.

Examples for avionic applications developed with iSYSTEM Software and Blue Box Hardware:

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Engine Control
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Radio Navigation
  • Traffic Alert and Collision
  • Interior Lightning Systems
  • Ground Power Supply
  • Electronic Motor Control
  • Electro-optic Systems
  • ...

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