Infineon TriCore™ & AURIX™ Microcontrollers

A mainstay of the automotive industry, the TriCore™ and AURIX™ microcontrollers are found in safety-critical and processing intensive applications. These devices are found in applications as diverse as advanced driver assistance systems, airbags, power steering, chassis domains and braking systems, to name just a few.

iSYSTEM's BlueBox™ On-Chip Analyzers compliment the TriCore™ and AURIX™ families with their IOM Accessories, available for a range of BlueBox™ products. Worst-case timing analysis measurements are possible using our iC5700 together with our Active Probes and, by linking in our CAN/LIN IOM Accessory, vehicle network traffic can be added to the mix. Together with our partners, complex AUTOSAR applications can be analyzed and optimized to ensure that timing constraints are fulfilled.

Debug and Trace Interface Description iC5000 iC5700 iC6000
DAP (Device Access Port) Debug communication interface of up to 160MHz.
DAP + DAPE Dual debug communication interface, each of up to 160MHz.
AURORA 2.5Gbit/s interface provided on emulation devices for access
to advanced observation and trigger logic.

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