iONE-BT (Bluetooth Debugger)

iONE-BT is a wireless Debug & Trace adapter to support Cortex-M based embedded systems development and test. On one end, it establishes a debug and trace communication with the target processor, on the other end it links to winIDEA/testIDE IDE, running on the host PC, via a wireless (Bluetooth) communication.

iONE-BT schemaA wireless debug system consists of the following components:

  • iONE-BT debug/trace module
  • iSYSTEM USB-Bluetooth Dongle


  • SuperCAP power supply module
  • Battery power supply module



Depending on the use case the iONE-BT module can be supplied directly by the target system or by either an optional SuperCap or battery module. The SuperCap module receives it input power from the target system. While power from the target is available, it directly supplies the iONE-BT module and charges an integrated back-up energy storage element. While the target is un-powered, the iONE-BT is supplied by the back-up energy storage. On the PC-side an USB-Bluetooth dongle establishes the bridge between Bluetooth and winIDEA/testIDEA. The Bluetooth communication is established by a Bluetooth module, compliant to the Bluetooth 3.0 standard. The antenna is integrated into the module.

More Information:
Technical Notes, supported Cortex-M MCUs, etc.
Download Hardware Reference Manual


Module Characteristics:
Operating Voltage: 3.3V
Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth 3.0
Transmit Power: Class 2 (typ. 0dBm), Range approx. 10m

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