eMOTE *E*mbedded *Mo*del-based *Te*sting"

Model Based Quality Assurance for Embedded Software

eMOTE iSYSTEM AG, sepp.med GmbH and the FZI (Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe) cooperated to define and enhance methods and tools for testing embedded software. The project titled eMOTE ("*E*mbedded *Mo*del-based *Te*sting") was funded by the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Germany) and lasted October 2009 - October 2011.

Primary objective of the project was to define and enhance test methods for embedded systems software regarding their quality and efficiancy. One important step was to increase the systematic aspect of test design. By the use of test models, and the raise of the automation level through automatic test generation as well as the combination of black box and white box tests with code coverage analysis while running functional tests, an increase in test coverage was achieved without increasing test efforts. This was realized through the combination of model based approaches with powerful development systems.

Main goal was to adopt sepp.med's model based test procedures and their test generation methods to the specifics and constraints of real-time embedded software. iSYSTEM's debug solutions were extended and customized to optimally support test execution in real time. In particular following aspects were covered and/or solutions developed:

  • Coverage of existing and currently evolving standards for embedded software development and test in different industry sectors
  • Non-intrusive testing, in particular without code instrumentation
  • Test of real time conditions and their description in the model
  • Combination of test methods with code coverage analysis
  • Inclusion of data sources (for external stimulation of an embedded system) in the test pattern and the test itself
  • Integration in a model based development process


More info:
October 2009 - October 2011
Contact @iSYSTEM: Erol Simsek
Project Number: KF2076903SS9

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