Multi-Core Processors with Technologies for Safe Scheduling Simulation

ZelosiSYSTEM AG and the University Of Applied Sciences Regensburg with its Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems (LaS3) cooperate to define and enhance methods and tools that aim to realize safe and reliable multi-core based cyber-physical systems according to functional safety standards such as ISO 26262. The use of multi-core processors comes with a lot of challenges to master timing behavior, resource efficiency and reliability of a cyber-physical system. This requires the use of appropriate scheduling algorithms. Within ZELOS3 the University and LaS3 will analyze these multi-core scheduling algorithms in terms of robustness by extending those with fault tolerance mechanisms. In order to analyze the timing behavior of a cyber-physical system, simulation of such systems is becoming an important factor. Such a simulation is based on abstract system modelling. The manually creation of a model is very time consuming and error-prone. Zelos3 will develop methods and tooling to automatically reconstruct such models based on the recorded program execution in real-time (trace record via iSYSTEM’s debugger software and hardware). In addition to that as well as to prove the robustness of multi-core scheduling algorithms ZELOS3 will implement fault injection via simulation. In a second step the simulation results will be verified and optimized by fault injection on a real target hardware without instrumenting the software running on the target hardware using iSYSTEM's IDE and debugger. On a tool and scientific level iSYSTEM, LaS3 and the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg will work closely together with the company Timing-Architects. TA offers comprehensive solutions for the evaluation and optimization of the timing, performance, and reliability properties of embedded multi-core and many-core systems based on simulation.

More info:
October 2013 - September 2015
Contact @iSYSTEM: Erol Simsek
Project Number: KF2326903BZ3

Industry Tool Partner: Timing-Architects, Regensburg, Germany TA

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