daqIDEA – Data Visualization

daqIDEA is a tool for graphical presentation of large data sets. It displays values for different variables as a 2D chart and as a table of numeric values.
The data acquired can be exported to a file and the variable configuration can be saved into a configuration file. Charts can be closely inspected by zooming and stretching and if left alone the maximum amount of latest data will be displayed.
The iSYSTEM Blue Box can perform a high-frequency data acquisition using real-time access of the connected CPU. Up to 256 DAQ items can be configured on an iC5000 or iC3000. Each DAQ item can monitor a location of 1-8 bytes. Processing time of one DAQ item (reading it from memory) varies on the CPU architecture and debug port speed, but ranges from 50us-500us. DAQ sampling periods can be configured (per individual DAQ item) for maximum, 1ms, 10ms, 100ms and 1s.
Access to the iSYSTEM DAQ functionality is provided via isystem.connect. In addition to that a user may configure a DAQ configuration using the GUI daqIDEA. It is a script in Python and can be modified/extended by users. For more information go to iSYSTEM’s online help.

  • High speed, polling on Blue Box
  • Uses debugging interface, trace is not necessary
  • Can export data to excel, csv, text
  • Included in winIDEA for free as a Python script

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