XCP plug-in

The XCP plug-in is a lightweight implementation of an XCP slave. It enables measuring and calibrating of the target ECU without impacting overall ECU’s performance or memory footprint.
The XCP plug-in interfaces between a measurement / calibration tool like CANoe or CANape and the rest of the tools stack down to the target ECU. All microcontrollers, supported by iSYSTEM tools, can be handled by the XCP plug-in.
The XCP plug-in enables the measurement and calibration of an ECU without the need of any slave code on the ECU, without performance degradation to the ECU operation and without the need of a physical interface (like CAN, FlexRAY, ...), other than the ECUs CPU debug or trace ports.
The XCP plug-in supports polled mode access, where access is directed from the XCP master and also high speed data acquisition, where data accesses are directed by the emulator (iC5000, iC3000, ...) and streamed to the XCP master.

xcp pluginS Features
  • Synchronous data acquisition (DAQ)
  • Direct memory access (polling)
  • Online memory calibration (read / write access)
  • Time stamped data transfer, generation of event timestamps by the ECU/Emulator
  • A2L file generation

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