winIDEA 9.12.225

Integrated Development Environment and Debugger for Embedded Software Development and Test

Before you start the download procedure, make sure you are familiar with the iSYSTEM release policy. testIDEA Standard is integrated in winIDEA and automatically downloaded too.

Note that winIDEA is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit version), Windows 8 (32/64-bit version) and Windows 10 (32/64-bit version).

For best performance we recommend the following setup:

  • 4-8 core CPU
  • 12GB or more RAM
  • 100GB free space on the TEMP drive, ideally SSD. The drive should be defragmented.
  • 64-bit operating system

Note that a less capable system will also work fine for basic on-chip debugging while trace, profiler and coverage will yield shorter session times and slower general performance (depending also on the specific target microcontroller and the frequency at which it operates).

Full Release 9.12.225 – Verified for all architectures

InstallationBuild VersionSizeRelease Date  
winIDEA 9.12 64-bit Setup 
It’s recommended to use the 64-bit winIDEA. Beside notable speed improvements, it avoids out-of-memory conditions which can occur in the 32-bit version when working on large analyzer recordings. 64-bit version does not support Renesas E1 debuggers.

SHA-1 checksum: c2b8f9edc3084ab8f82d27f20629fac0ddb13c45
9.12.225 331 MB 04/2015 mirror winIDEA Full Install (1 file set) 
winIDEA 9.12 32-bit Setup 
A 32-bit version should only be used on computers with 32-bit operating system or when using Renesas E1 debuggers.

SHA-1 checksum: 6f80c525595a701945c23c22e0e53af5bef93bc8
9.12.225 335 MB 04/2015 mirror winIDEA Full Install (1 file set) 
winIDEA 9.12 Setup (Linux)

SHA-1 checksum: 0e18f418b473b072372af973989265d5c7cfe228
9.12.225 234 MB 04/2015 mirror Zipped distribution without installer. For Linux installation read this file.
List of verified microcontroller architectures 9.12.225 3,2 MB 05/2015 PDF  

This contains complete winIDEA release including testIDEA, USB drivers, sample projects and updated help on iSYSTEM software and hardware. Note that sample projects are not installed by default but are installed from winIDEA Help menu (Install Examples) when required. GCC compilers which were last included in verified winIDEA build 9.12.128,can be downloaded here.

You cannot install winIDEA 9.12.225 over any previous major release like winIDEA 2011, 2010 or any other older release.

There is no update path possible between the two major versions e.g. from winIDEA 2011 to winIDEA 2012 or to winIDEA 9.12.

Silent install
For silent install please read this file





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